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Revolutionary Web3 platform for the world's most iconic Brands

The Mojito team and platform have driven $100M+ in NFT sales by launching and growing NFT marketplaces, membership programs and communities.

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Build Your Own NFT Experience

Mojito is an API platform and dashboard for launching and growing NFT marketplaces, membership programs and communities.


Semi-Custodial & Self-Hosted Wallets

Provision multi-signature wallets to new crypto users, and allow crypto-native users to connect self-hosted wallets.


Fiat & Crypto Payments

Enable users to pay with credit card, ACH, wire or cryptocurrency for both primary and secondary NFT sales.


Auction, Ecommerce & Secondary Markets

Conduct primary offerings, dynamic auctions, and open editions with capabilities to mint generative artworks and host secondary sales.


KYC, Taxes & Custody

Add plug-and-play KYC and real-time tax assessment solutions, and configure your ideal NFT custody solution between the brand, buyers, and resellers.


Secondary Sales & Royalty Splits

Receive commissions from secondary sales on your marketplace and other major platforms while automating any necessary splits with third parties via smart contract.


Proof-of Tickets,
Play-to-Earn & DAOs

Drive ongoing engagement among NFT owners with ticketed access to exclusive content, merchandise or events, play-to-earn gamification, retroactive airdrops, and community governance.

Get Full-Service NFT Support

Our exclusive agency partners can help design, launch, and grow NFT marketplaces, membership programs and communities powered by the Mojito platform.

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Strategy & Management

We take 100% responsibility for your NFT business strategy, project management, and performance.

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Concept & Design

We guide your brand identity, user experience, and NFT offering based on business goals, IP opportunities, and customer personas.

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Build & Integrate

We oversee the front-end code and third-party integrations like analytics, email, and order management on top of the Mojito platform.

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Go-To-Market & Scale

We direct breakthrough marketing campaigns, social media content, and strong media coverage to ignite engagement and grow sales.

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